Chill out in your garden on a metal or wooden bench

There are dozens of top quality garden benches available to buy here from major UK stores.

You are spoilt for choice here when it comes to buying a garden bench - there are some many different styles, sizes and materials to choose from.

We have an extensive range of benches from leading UK garden furniture and DIY stores including John Lewis, Amazon, Simply Garden Furniture, Robert Dyas, Argos, Tesco, Home & Garden Gifts, Greenfingers, Morale Furniture, B&Q, UK Water Features, Wilkinsons,Sainsburys, Homebase, Bhs, Asda and World Stores.

You find many of the leading brand names for benches and other popular items of garden furniture including Camelot, BillyOh, Henley, Chartwell, Donard, Humber, Jago and Impag.

There are two or three seater benches and even five-plus seaters, including those which are circular shapes so they can be tastefully positioned around a tree in the garden. 

We feature many elegantly designed metal garden benches with lattice work, and others with clever little pieces with metal framework and wooden slats. 

Most of the benches for sale here are the wooden style in a variety of woods including classic oak, pine, eucalyptus, rubber wood, teak, beech, maple, mahogany and other hard and soft woods.

We also bring you a range of metal and steel benches, cast iron and wrought benches and environment-friendly varieties made from recycled plastic and resin. 

Other choices of material for a bench include aluminium, wicker and rattan. Concrete and stone garden benches look very impressive too and blend in well with the natural surroundings of your garden.

Some benches come with a built-in storage box area in the base which is ideal for storing gardening tools and equipment.

When it comes to shapes and designs there's no shortage of choice - from classic and traditional to modern contemporary - you'll find them all here. 
The straight bench is the most common shape but popular alternatives include the banana-shaped bench and semi-circular bench.

A cheap garden bench will cost under £50 but you can expect to pay much more for a top quality hand-made one, constructed from the finest material and built to the highest standard of workmanship.

Once you've bought a bench you will need to consider purchasing a soft weatherproof cushion for extra comfort when sitting outdoors. 

And don't forget to invest in a good quality waterproof cover for your bench during the winter months. 

There are plenty available to choose from these days including plain ones in white, blue, black, green, grey, cream and various other colours. Many come adorned with stylish patterns. 

Choosing the bench that's right for you 

A bench for your garden, patio or terrace area ought to look like an organic part of the surrounding environment. 

A multicoloured plastic bench would look just fine on a lawn with carefully pruned hedges and a brightly coloured house to match. 

An old world garden with a stone-paved pathway and plants, trees and flowers showing a natural state of growth would certainly want the old wooden classics or even hand crafted wrought iron ones. 

A garden that is something in between might be the perfect setting for the contemporary aluminium and wicker benches. 

Most people buy a garden bench to sit in the sun and maybe have a cup of tea or coffee - or a glass of wine or a beer - with family and friends. 

If you have more elaborate plans, there is furniture available to set up an entire dining room with breakfast and dining tables in your garden! 

Garden benches range from around £40 to more than £500 depending upon material and design. Most benches are priced in the £100 to £200 range and you'll usually find something that appeals, unless you are determined to not settle for anything less than seasoned wood. 

Bear in mind, however, that wood, no matter how seasoned it might be, will require maintenance. Frost is a formidable enemy - even more than rain is. 

Garden benches are available as single piece furniture or may be assembled on site. Most companies will have a delivery arrangement of their own, and sometimes, at no extra cost within a reasonable distance. 

Buying a garden bench has never been easier - just select our SHOP NOW buttons for full details on each bench. 

It's a truly relaxing experience sitting outside on a garden bench after a hard day at the office. And of course, any mum who has been busy attending to the kids and carrying out tasks in the home all day, will truly appreciate sitting in the sun for some 'time out' from the stresses and strains of everyday life. 

Different styles and material used for benches suit different types of garden - a linear, well kept garden with a flat and regular shaped lawn really lends itself to a traditional wooden bench. 

A wild garden with trees, bushes and pathways often provides the perfect setting for a more ornate-looking bench made from concrete or stone. 

This type of bench is obviously a lot heavier than a wooden or metal one, so plan carefully where you want to position it to avoid having to make a back-breaking relocation at a later date.

The classic wooden bench is still the most popular choice for most people and they are available to buy in many shades and colours. 

Just remember, a hard wood bench is well-placed to cope with the winter but a cheaper soft wood bench will need treating with wood preservative each year to ensure it doesn't tarnish, fade and rot during the inclement winter weather conditions in the UK. 

It's often wise to cover your bench during the winter or even store it in a garage or shed until summer returns.
Metal, cast iron or wrought iron benches allow for greater creativity when it comes to intricate design and detail. 

We have some delightful metal benches with a modern design and others with an appearance more suited to Victorian times. 

Try to buy a metal bench that has a rust resistant coating and make sure you clean it regularly with a wire brush to remove a build up of dirt and grime. You may have to re-paint it occasionally too in order to keep it looking in tip top condition.

Wood and metal combination benches offer the best of both worlds, embracing the rustic wooden appearance but also allowing for some interesting design work and pattern in the metalwork.

Garden benches provide a great location for lounging and relaxing during the summer months, or for enjoying a romantic conversation with that special person in your life.

No matter what style of garden you have, there are so many wonderful bench designs to choose from, you will have no trouble finding one that's right for you.

Garden benches are extremely functional as well as being visually attractive - there are so many things you can other than just watching the world go by, Reading, writing, listening to music, eating, drinking and bird-watching are just a few options.

Wooden benches are the most popular choice of material and teak is a wonderful option - it may be a more one of the more expensive types of hardwood but it's ideally suited to a garden environment due to it durability, natural oils and insect and pest resistance. It ages beautifully and looks spectacular for many years

Benches made from reclaimed teak look very rustic and fit it perfectly with any garden setting. Cherry, oak and beech are other popular woods worth considering.

Wooden benches are not only available in natural wood tones - they are also available to buy in various colours including grey, black, white, brown, silver, green and yellow.

If you like the ideal of a metal-based bench you can't go far wrong with a wrought iron, cast iron or steel product. These are rust proof and can last for many years with minimal maintenance required.

Stone is another option for a bench - it's rustic appearance blends in well with large garden settings and is a great choice  for a fixed bench scenario.

It worth considering purchasing some plush weather-proof bench cushions if you want to ensure maximum comfort while sitting in your garden.

And a bench cover is a wise investment for protecting your bench from the detrimental impact of rain, frost and snow in the winter months.

Most garden benches come with back support but there are others available which are backless. Those with a back support naturally mean you are limited to sitting in only one direction. 

There are also 360 degrees design benches which are ideal for positioning around your favourite garden tree. Other more intricate designs feature a peaked roof which offer excellent protection from the rain and the warm sun.

Many people opt for benches with a storage feature built into the base. These drawers or boxes come in very handy for storing gardening tools and accessories.  Other great options are swing and rocking benches.

Cleaning a garden bench is generally a really easy task - all you need is a bucket of warm water, a sponge or cleaning cloth and some mild soap or detergent. 

If you buy a wooden bench it's definitely worth treating it regularly with protective oils and cleaners, not only to create a fresh and clean sheen, but also to protect it against inclement weather, mold, mildew and insects.

If cared for properly, a top quality garden furniture bench is quite capable of lasting a lifetime.

No matter how small or large your garden, yard or paved patio area, you should be able to find space for a garden bench. All you need to is find one that complements your garden setting, whether it is a traditional, cottage or contemporary style.

Work out your budget - remember it's best to buy the best quality bench you can afford as a cheap bench may not last as long as you would like. Also take a look at a few benches in the gardens of neighbours, friend and family to get some ideas what works well and what would best suit your garden.

Popular styles of garden bench

It's amazing just how many different styles of garden furniture benches are available to buy these days - you really are spoilt for choice. Let's mention just a few of the stylish option for sale.

Decorative Iron Garden Bench - a beautiful decorative bench can create a marvellous focal point in any modern or traditional style garden or patio area. This exquisite style of bench even works well indoors in a conservatory or garden room. These benches are normally made from very  heavy ornate cast iron and are tastefully finished with black or bronze painted finish to create an realistic aged appearance.

Wire Garden Bench - this type of bench has a romantic feel to it and works well in a conservatory, as well a small cottage garden. They also blend in perfect in a herb garden or shrub area. They are often painted green, white, silver or cream and come with ornate scrolling detail. A soft weather proof bench cushion is essential to remove the prospect of sitting on an uncomfortable wiring seat.

Cart Wagon Wheel Bench - this type of bench look truly impressive and is shaped like a traditional stagecoach seat with a wagon wheel at each end as side supports. They are made of solid wood and are delivered pre-assembled or in a flat pack which is very simple to put together.

Lutyens Garden Bench - these stylish and classical benches look beautiful in any garden setting. The Lutyens bench was the creation of British architect Sir Edwin Landseer Lutyens who was born in London in 1869. The Lutyens bench is also known as a Sissinghurst bench or Marlborough bench  

They are available in single, two or three seater sizes and are normally made of handcrafted solid teak or oak. They feature the unique Lutyens shape which has the back rest rising to an arch shape in the centre. Lutyens benches normally require minimal assembly.

Vintage Wood Garden Bench - the classic wooden bench has been around for decades and is seen throughout the UK is gardens, parks and public areas including shopping centres. There are available many different types of timber and also a variety of styles. Oak and teak are popular choices of wood but there are many other hardwood benches available also.
Bistro Style Garden Bench - a bistro style bench looks delightful in a patio garden or court yard. This type of bench often features a wood slatted seat and backrest. They sometimes come with a folding metal frame which is painted with a aged finish. These benches are really beautiful and completely wooden options are also available to buy. The look divine in a rustic or ornamental garden setting.
Stone Seat Garden Bench - this Roman style of bench is very heavy and obviously not suitable for moving around your garden on a regular basis. They usually have side fluted stone legs which are decorated with intricate patterns, although some are available with wooden leg columns.

A stone bench rarely looks out of place when positioned near a wall or hedge, or even under a rose arbour. would look beautiful against a wall or hedge, or under a scented rose arbour. Being made of stone, they are very hardy and stand up to the most harsh weather conditions.

Woven Fibre Garden Bench - this style of bench is less common that some of the others, but it has a very contemporary look and its woven synthetic fibre design works well in a modern garden environment is part of our large range of  furniture.

This type of bench is often made from rattan or wicker is very durable, coping admirably with all weather conditions. They require minimal maintenance and are available in a range of colours including black, brown and white.
Folding Garden Bench - wooden, aluminium or metal folding benches fold down flat and are ideal for people who like to store their bench away for the winter months. They are also ideal if space is limited in your garden, yard or patio and you only want a bench on show for a limited time during the summer.

They can also be easily moved to a different location in your garden. Backed and backless options are available and these benches are often a cheap choice if you are on a tight budget.

Wood Slatted Wrought or Cast Iron Bench - these are very popular and are often a cheap option if your don't want to spend a small fortune on a bench. You often find them for sale in bargain stores on the high street and are come in flat pack kits which require minimal DIY skills.

They are very comfortable and consist of a wrought or cast iron frame, with wooden slats along the back and seat of the bench. They are completely weather proof providing you treat the wood section with preservative and varnish regularly. Light, mid and dark brown are popular choices of colour.

That's just a few of the popular styles of bench available. 

If you wish to have the authentic wooden look that turns more wood-like the longer it remains out in the open and yet, requires no maintenance, you should definitely have a look at the recycled plastic varieties. 

These are made mostly from polystyrene and other plastic waste products like milk bottles and plastic packets. The ones made with a high content of treated polystyrene can be found in just about any colour you want. 

Where diverse plastic wastes have been put together, you have only black and brown. The look, weight and feel of the product is so like wood that unless you are an expert in wood grains, you would be pleasantly duped! is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to


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